Siri shares her thoughts on iOS 8 and WWDC. She loves her New Home

Currently the great iOS 8 is only available for developers to try, that's why it is in BETA. But it is around the corner for general iPhone users and it will be available to the public very soon. So users who was able to have access to Apple’s developer portal, the third beta has been available for a little bit of time now. And with it, plenty of new features. Plus, you can interact with the new Siri.

It looks like that Apple has added more features and improvements to voice assistant Siri. You can even get amazing answers and interactions from her. Siri has a bit of snark to her responses, but it’s all in tongue-in-cheek good fun. She’s also quick to drop some hints regarding some features baked into iOS 8, including HomeKit and Apple’s programming language, Swift.

As revealed by MacRumors, the responses vary only slightly when asked the same question, but they’re golden in their own right. When asked about her thoughts on iOS 8, and alluding to HomeKit features like smart appliances, she drops this one liner:
“I’m just thrilled about iOS 8 — It’s like moving into a bigger, nicer house. And I get to turn the lights on and off.“
When it is asked about her opinion on WWDC 2014, her answer was:
“Impressive, but… you’d think they could have talked about me for more than thirty seconds. Sniff.“ 
There are new features like Shazam integration, allowing users to use Siri to identify a song playing. Siri could also see major improvements down the line with neural networking in the future. Siri’s upgrading with iOS 8 later this year, with an expected launch in September, with the new iPhone 6.


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