More Users want iPhone 6 to have longer battery life than larger display

Everyone now is talking about Apple's next generation iPhone 6 which said to come in a larger display, which could even come in two different models: 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch. But according to a new survey, a larger display isn’t what iPhone users are most looking forward to in the next iPhone.

It looks like that the most desired feature that users would like to see in Apple's next generation iPhone is a better and longer battery life.

According to a survey taken by 1500 people who were asked what new features they want to see. Respondents could choose multiple features, and 97 percent of them chose longer battery life.

From WalletHero’s blog:
What Features/Changes Would Make You Purchase the New iPhone 6? (multiple answers)
1-Longer Battery Life (97%)
2-Larger Screen (85%)
3-Better Camera (73%)
4-Faster Processor (43%)
5-MicroSD (37%)
6-Lower Price (35%)
7-SIM/Dual SIM (8%)
The survey further asked respondents who intended on purchasing the iPhone 6 about when they’d make the purchase. Here’s what they said:
1-No set time (63%)
2-Buy online on release date (34%)
3-Wait in line day of release (3%)
The comparison of battery life to a larger display is an interesting one. Given a choice, what would you want more in the next iPhone, a larger display or a better battery? Let us know in the comments.

[WalletHero via Business Insider]


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