Meter: Theme Your iPhone Signal Bars [Video]

Meter is an upcoming jailbreak tweak that promises to replace stock signal meters for iPhone's cellular data with a custom themed meters. The signal themes, which are selectable via Meter’s preferences, allow users to enjoy a different look in the iPhone’s status bar.

Meter is developed by the same developer who brought us Circlet, a similar status-bar-item-altering tweak. While Meter isn’t as ambitious as Circlet, it’s a great compliment to the status bar, and looks awesome when paired together.

Check out a preview video for Meter tweak:

Meter relies on an Activator gesture to switch between themes. Developer, Julian Weiss, advises that users opt for the single-tap on the left-hand side of the status bar gesture. This suggestion was made due to the fact that the cellular signal indicator is also in the upper left-hand corner of the status bar.
If you’re not keen on using Activator gestures to cycle through the three available themes, then you have the option of going into Meter’s preferences and instantly applying a theme via the Themes panel. Enterprising users will also receive instructions on how to manually add their own themes, though admittedly, relatively few will probably dedicate the time necessary to pull this off.

If you’re already a user of Circlet, then I definitely recommend that you check out Meter when it becomes publicly available. Like Circlet, Meter requires no theming platforms like WinterBoard. It’s a self contained standalone tweak that just works.


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