Leaked SIM card tray indicates iPhone 6 will be available in Space Grey, Silver and Gold

As we inch inexorably closer to September, and the reported announcement date for the iPhone 6, we’re beginning to see more leaked parts. A new leak suggests that we could see familiar colors when Apple’s newest smartphone launches later this year.

For what it’s worth, the layout of the power/volume flex cables matches up nicely with previous reports and leaks suggesting the sleep/wake button will be relocated to the side in order to make it easier to wake a 4.7 and 5.5-inch handset from sleep with one hand…

 MacRumors passes along photographs first published by Letem svetem Applem [Google translate] which suggest strongly that Apple won’t be providing new color options for its purported bigger iPhones outside the existing Silver, Space Grey and Gold choices.

The leaked internals of an unannounced device may not reveal all that much, but it’s a start to get the final picture — until we get the official announcement, that is. With as many leaks as we’ve had already, including the sapphire glass front panel, it’s intriguing to guess what we might see next. Leaks happen, especially for craved devices like the iPhone.

My only wish is that Apple brings back the black option because it looks really effective – my iPhone 5 was in black and I reluctantly switched to a space grey iPhone 5s.


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