iPhone 6 tipped to feature dynamic haptic feedback, could deliver more subtle vibrations

Exactly one week ago we’ve learned that the iPhone 6 might be undergoing testing on China Mobile and China Unicom’s 4G networks, and that the handset in question may go on sale on the 25th day of September, shortly after the official announcement which will supposedly take place on September 15. There is also a rumor that the iPhone 6 release date is scheduled for September 19th.

While many believed we could have seen the technology back then, or even a year later, it was always more of a possibility we’d be seeing it around now, or even later. If a new report from Laoyaoba is true, then the iPhone 6 will host a new tactile linear feedback motor, bringing those haptic feedback dreams to reality.

With the new motor, which the original source cites unnamed sources, the iPhone 6 could provide specific vibrations for certain application scenarios, or even depending on where the user touches the screen. The report also claims that the new motor will cost two or three times more than the current vibration motor that’s found in the iPhone 5s. For reference, the current motor reportedly costs $0.60.

The iPhone 6 is still rumored to be announced, and launched, in September. Until then, we’ve been inundated with new leaks and rumors, all of which have pointed to a pair of devices with different display sizes: 4.7- and 5.5-inches.


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