iPhone 6 Internal Leaks Shows Power and Volume Buttons

We’ve been loaded with the coverage of the exterior of iPhone 6, along with new information that Apple may include in the September-dated-to-released device. However, not much has been revealed about handset’s internals, which is going to change now.

This post includes the first legit sighting of an iPhone 6 component consisting of flex cable parts related to volume and power buttons, and mute toggle.

We can say assuredly that the iPhone 6 is going to go through some design alternatives outside and inside, and the new discovery underlines the notion. The current iPhone 5s shows power button and mute switch as one, but there are two separate flex cables covering the switches and buttons as can be seen in the images.
Given that the iPhone 6 will be larger in size, it is likely that Apple will relocate the power button to the side from the top, letting users with average hands avoid repetitive strain injuries. The emergence of separate parts seems to back up the claim, and though it’s difficult to verify blurry looking images, it is likely that the form factor shows the real esthetic of the iPhone 6.

Regardless the case, it seems likely that the power button will be repositioned besides volume buttons, and a few plausible leaks can be seen in the next few months.

(Source: Apple.club.tw [Google Translate])


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