iOS 8 Tips and Tricks Now Published By Apple on new site ahead of Public release

At this year's WWDC, Apple introduced the new iOS 8 and among the features and apps we've seen, there was a new app called tips, which puts together a nice list (which can be updated when necessary) of tips and tricks for iOS 8 users to learn more about the software. Apple has launched a dedicated site with the same idea in mind.

While iOS 8 is not quite in the public’s hand just yet, Apple has seen fit to release a new website dedicated specifically for users to get a grip on iOS 8, and the new features that come along with the new software. The site, which can be found at — reflects the new Tips app that comes with iOS 8, which we got to see in the wild with the fourth beta release earlier this month, and many of the tips and tricks published on the page are specifically meant for iOS 8.

The site offers great tips like how to quickly respond to a notification that appears at the top of their display. The site also shows how you can set up specific notification settings for individual email messages, or how you can talk to Siri just by saying, “Hey, Siri!”

The new tips and tricks website is very useful for many new iPhone users who don't know from where to start. What do you think ?


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