iOS 8 Beta Pangu Jailbreak Teased By Geeksn0w

Though it may be early to discuss iOS 8 jailbreak, developer of Geeksn0w called by the name BlackGeek has teased the jailbreak for iOS 8 beta. He is the same man who developed iOS 7.1.1 tethered jailbreak.

The developer plans to utilize the Pangu jailbreak to release jailbreaks for iOS 8 beta 1 and beta 2. It is not confirmed if he has had any success with iOS 8 beta, as there is no ETA, but he has gotten permission from Pangu team before he continues.

He also says that he hasn’t copied anything from the original source, but used the same exploit as the Pangu jailbreak and bundled the modified resources of the Pangu tool for his own.

The hackers try to avoid release iOS beta versions as it exposes the exploits utilized by the jailbreak, and may be patched by Apple before reaching the public. However, with the release of Pangu, it does not matter if the jailbreak is made available for iOS 8 beta, as the exploit has been exposed already.

Security researcher i0n1c (aka Stefan Essar) who had jailbroken iOS 7.1.1 and whose exploits were used to release iOS 7.1.1 untethered jailbreak also claimed that Apple didn’t patch these exploits.

It would also been seen if Pangu jailbreak version 1.1.0 which uses different exploits will modify decision of BlackFeek. It is also possible that the Pangu team release an iOS 8 beta jailbreak if it doesn’t use new exploits. We will keep you updated.

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