iOS 8 Beta 4 To Be Released on July 28

According to a new report from AppAdvice, Apple could seed iOS 8 beta 4 to its developers on Monday, July 28, which means three weeks after releasing iOS 8 beta 3. However, there is a possibility that the release date for the fourth beta gets pushed forward by one week to Monday, July 21st.

The folks at AppAdvice say that they have been told by their trusted sources that they have confirmed the date with their Apple sources, but the blog could be simply taking advantage of a rather predictable release cycle. After all, iOS 7 beta 4 and iOS 6 beta 4 were both released exactly three weeks following the third betas of each version respectively.

Thinky Bits provides an iOS version history chart that shows the number of days between each beta release, with two to three weeks often being the average cycle. The first iOS 8 beta was supplanted by iOS 8 beta 2 after 15 days, followed by the third beta nearly three weeks later.
What do you think guys ? At any rate we will keep you updated with anything new.. Stay tuned.


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