iOS 7 Is now running on 90% of devices

It has been one year since Apple released iOS 7 to the public and believe it or not, the adoption number of iOS 7 keep rising up and it looks like that 90% of devices are now running iOS 7, according to the latest App Store distribution numbers.

The numbers reveal that 90% of devices are now running iOS 7 based on a 7-day period ending July 13th. Meanwhile, 9% of devices continue to run iOS 6 and around the remaining 2% are running earlier versions.

That every 9 in 10 devices is running iOS 7 just ten months after it was publicly released is rather impressive, especially given that only 17.9% of Android devices are running the latest KitKat version after ten months. The majority of Android devices are still running Jelly Bean, which is still installed on over half of all smartphones and tablets. Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich retains 11.6% adoption.

And here's a chart that shows everything: 
So are you running your device on latest versions of iOS 7 ? 


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