HandsFree: Answer any Phone Call With A Wave of your hand

Sometimes you need your both hands when you are in the middle of something. Tasks like keeping your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road, when cooking or washing some the dishes, packing your bag and other tasks... Here comes HandsFree, a new recently released jailbreak tweak that will make your life much more easier.

With a wave of a hand you can answer a phone call and the speaker will be automatically turned on. HandsFree will also answer your FaceTime calls with a wave of your hands.

The tweak uses a proximity sensor to know when you are ready to pickup that call, but it won't drain your battery. It is also configured not to answer when taking your iPhone out of your pocket or else...

So how does it works ? Firstly go to the tweak settings preferences where you will have to setup how many waves of hands it will take to answer a call either when your phone is locked on unlocked, you can choose between 1 to 3 waves.

You can choose wave speed either slow, medium or fast. The tweak also supports to use speaker when plugging in the headset inside your iPhone.

All of these features and more can be configured from the settings.

HandsFree jailbreak tweak is available for $0.99 and it can be grabbed from Cydia store via BigBoss repo.. Give it a try and let us know your opinion. 


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