Geohot joins Project Zero Team At Google

If you have followed the jailbreak scene for long, you’ll be aware of George ‘Geohot’ Hotz, the man behind the exploit termed as limera1n for the iPhone 4 years ago, as well as the Sony lawsuit for PlayStation 3 jailbreak.

In the past few years however, he has taken more interest in the Android OS, and even made an exploit for rooting Samsung Galaxy S5. And guess what, his hacking talents are paying dividends.

Wired reports that he has joined the Project Zero team at Google, which consists of a team of hackers who are being asked to, track down security threats in the software. Hotz, who is an internee, is given the task of hunting zero day vulnerabilities that could be exploited if left unpatched.

Google is also not afraid from paying for his talents; he was given $150,000 earlier when he helped to fix Google Chrome vulnerabilities.

The report says:
“Once the bug report becomes public (typically once a patch is available), you’ll be able to monitor vendor time-to-fix performance, see any discussion about exploitability, and view historical exploits and crash traces,” Researcher Herder Chris Evans stated.
We wish him the very best and it’s hard to blame him for taking the opportunity. But will we ever see a bootrom-based or related jailbreak? 


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