Check Out These gorgeous iPhone 6 renders [Video]

Until now we've seen many iPhone 6 concepts that reveal many different photos and video renders of the oft-rumored iPhone 6. The majority of the mockups are based on rumored design changes, while some graphic designers have shared their own vision of what the upcoming smartphone should look like.

Today we've got a new set of iPhone 6 renders that are arguably the most gorgeous yet. The rendered iPhone 6 has an ultra-thin, glossy design with a bezel-free screen, rounded edges, redesigned antenna bars and more.

Here's the video:

 And this is another one:
 For the most part, the renders are consistent with leaked components that have surfaced for the iPhone 6, including a repositioned power button on the right side of the device. The smartphone is shown off in multiple colors, including shiny gold, silver, black and red.

What do you think ?


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