BluePill: Enhances Facebook and Messenger Apps on iPhone

Nowaday it is very hard to find big awesome jailbreak tweaks that do a lot of useful features to your jailbroken iPhone. Thankfully there is a new recently released jailbreak tweak called BluePill that totally focuses on both Facebook and Facebook Messenger apps on the iPhone.

BluePill is simply designed to make a better performances when using Facebook application. The tweak aims to enhance the Facebook and Facebook Messenger experience on iPhone, and it does a good job at doing so. The tweak is essentially an all-in-one social toolbox that provides several customizable features for Facebook and Messenger that can be configured directly through the Settings app.

The preferences that are available to tinker with for Facebook include disabling VoIP in Messenger to save battery life, enabling the experimental Graph Search feature on mobile, sending unlimited photos, internal settings for employees, full-screen mode, disabling read receipts and disabling typing indicators.

There is too many features like that I like especially "Stealth mode".
The best part in this tweak is the ability to disable/enable read receipts and with it you will be able to prevent others from knowing you've read their messages!

In terms of Messenger, there is a useful feature called Stealth Mode that you can enable to essentially use the app completely under the radar. When toggled on, the mode disables read receipts, typing indicators and online status, while preventing your location from being shared with other contacts.

As I said again and again. This tweak is completely useful for heavy Facebook users.

BluePill is $1.99 on the Cydia Store in the default BigBoss repo. What do you think ?


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