Apple releases iOS 8 beta 3 download for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

After 3 weeks from the release of the second beta of the waited iOS 8, Apple makes iOS 8 beta 3 available for download to all developers now. iOS 8 beta 3 build 12a4318c is now available and compatible for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

In case you're registered in the iOS developers center, then you'll be able to download the third beta of iOS 8 from Apple's official website now. You can also get it via your OTA updates.

We'll post full details and new changes after downloading this new build. Wait for us soon!

UPDATE: What's new in iOS 8 beta 3:

1)Handoff: A new toggle spotted in iOS 8 beta 3 called "Handoff". This feature is located in Settings--->General. ou can enable it to seamlessly switch between your iPhone, iPad and Mac without interrupting your work flow.
2) iCloud Drive: iCloud Drive announced at WWDC is a great way to expand your device’s storage capabilities into the cloud, and with release of iOS 8 beta 3, Apple’s push has started to become evident. As soon as you boot into iOS 8 beta for the first time, you’ll be welcomed with a popup asking you if you want to make the jump to iCloud Drive, or you can continue using Apple’s tried and tested iCloud Documents & Data feature.
3) App Analytics: A new opt-in screen to allow iOS to share crash data and other analytics information with developers.
4) New Wallpapers: Beta 3 comes with new wallpapers for iPhone and iPad. The selection is somewhat stale at this time, but we’re hoping that Apple will spruce up the offerings when iOS 8 goes final later this fall.
5)QuickType: New toggle to enable or disable QuickType, iOS 8′s new keyboard feature that suggests words based on the current context.
6) Weather app: Weather app has received a slight cosmetic change in how it shows weather data. As you can see from the screenshot, the data is now center aligned as opposed to how it was before. A small change, but a welcome one.
7) WiFi Calling: iOS 8 beta 3 adds Wi-Fi calling to make phone calls over Wi-Fi. You’ll of course need carrier support for this, and T-Mobile is the first carrier to support Wi-Fi calling (hat tip Rabih):


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