Walmart discounting iPhone 5s to $99, iPhone 5c to $29

If you are planning on purchasing a new iPhone, you will be happy to hear that Walmart is discounting the 16 GB iPhone 5s to $99 (down from $149) and 16 GB iPhone 5c to $29 (down from $49) when activated on a two-year service agreement. The new prices are effective tomorrow, making this one of the better iPhone deals available in-store in the United States…

Starting June 27, Walmart will offer permanent price drops for some select iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s models, as revealed by a new report from Engadget. According to the news, Walmart is going to offer the 16GB iPhone 5c for $29.99, which is a drop from the current $49.99 it offers now. If you prefer the 16GB iPhone 5s, though, you’ll be able to pick it up tomorrow for $99.99, down from $149.99.

Whether you purchase your iPhone through Walmart or Costco, the savings are still significant compared to Apple. The 16 GB iPhone 5s retails for $199 through the Apple Store, while the cheaper iPhone 5c is $99 for the baseline model. Walmart could be looking to start clearing inventory ahead of the oft-rumored iPhone 6, which is expected to launch in three months.

Walmart is also discounting 32 GB models, but pricing remains unknown.


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