This Video Shows off iPad Air 2 Design Changes

Among the rumors we are hearing in these few days is that Apple is working on a new generation of iPad Air with a Touch ID sensor and some nice changes. We’re also familiar with a bunch of meticulously created dummies based on the rumor-mill reporting, having shown you several photographs that highlight minor design changes spotted on iPad Air 2 dummy units floating around out there.

Today a new video has just surfed on the web made by TLDToday that show off possible changes in the layout of the iPad Air 2′s physical buttons, speaker grille and more…

Again, pay attention to a slightly thinner appearance (6.5mm vs 7.9mm), the slightly redesigned speaker grille at the bottom (a single row of larger holes vs two rows of smaller holes) and the Touch ID ring around the Home button.

Chinese outlets report that it will be a specs upgrade sporting a marginally faster and significantly more power efficient A8 chip, Touch ID, a better eight-megapixel camera on the back versus the five-megapixel one on the current lineup, perhaps a slight megapixel increase on the front-facing shooter and more.4
So what do you think ?


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