Popular Candy Crush Game Made More Money Than All Nintendo Games Last Quarter

Although I never liked Candy Crush game and I never ever downloaded it on my iPhone or iPad, but it looks like that this game is getting more higher than anyone could imagine. According to a new research firm Newzoo, which ranks public companies by game revenue. According to the firm’s data, hit mobile title Candy Crush generated more money last quarter than all Nintendo titles combined…

Here’s more on the report from A List Daily (via TouchArcade):
King’s $641 million turnover puts it just behind Apple at number 7, based on its first quarter as a public company and debut in the Newzoo ranking. To put this performance into perspective: King generated 56% more game revenues than Nintendo, ranked at number 10, in the first quarter of 2014. Its flagship title, Candy Crush Saga, generates around two-thirds of King’s revenues which alone is more than all Nintendo game earnings in the first quarter put together. Of course, Nintendo’s strong fourth quarter is still to come but chances are in favor of King to end up above Nintendo for the full 2014 calendar year.
And here’s Newzoo’s top 15 companies list by game revenue:

Of course, there are several asterisks here. Newzoo says the data is based off of various estimates and assumptions, which may or may not have been indicated explicitly. It also warns that hardware sales were excluded, and not all companies report in USD.

I really don't know why people like playing this game... 


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