OS X Yosemite – All You Need To Know

The new OS X has been revealed by Apple, and it’s called OS X Yosemite. It comes with a new design, reworked iconography and typography.

The focus of the new design is usability and clarity. You’ll see a translucent window title bar so you can scroll below it, and the Finder window changes color temperature to match the wallpaper.

OS X Yosemite also has a dark mode, which gives you dark gray toolbars instead of the translucent framing of previous versions. The notification center has also been revamped; the today view shows the full day in front of you and a notifications pane. And it contains all widgets such as world clock, weather, and reminders.

Spotlight search bar will show up in the middle of screen, with research results being gathered below. It will also do conversations and give you recommendations based on your liking. Calendar will get a day-night view, along with a sidebar giving appointment details.
The iCloud Drive will reside in folders and can be auto-synced among devices. Yosemite will carry a new Mail Drop feature, too, that will allow users to upload email attachments up to 5 GB in size. It will separate file from an email, place it in iCloud and forward the link to the file with the email. Mac users receive the file without clicking.

Coming over to the Safari web-browser, it does not require plugins for playing videos and include a fast JavaScript complier. Also, AirDrop will now work between Mac and iOS devices. Another feature is hand-off – it allows devices to be aware of each other (an email typed on the iPhone populates the dock on the Mac). And if the Mac does not have a WiFi, it senses an iPhone and provides in as an option, making tethering quite easy.
All the features are available today for developers, while Yosemite will be available for free for others this FALL.


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