New Evidences of Retina iMac Found In OS X Yosemite Beta

A couple of days ago Apple released the first beta of iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite to developers and it is available for download from Apple's developers center. Folks who still waiting for iMac with retina display will be happy to know that some evidence has surfaced in favor of the mythical machine.
A new report from French blog called Macbidouille shows that OS X Yosemite beta 1 contains some files that defines display scaling resolution options for an iMac.

The native resolution of the computer is not mentioned, but the file includes a series of scaling resolution options that max out at 6400 x 3600 pixels, or 3200 x 1800 as a Retina display. It’s likely the display will scale down to a lower resolution like the MacBook Pro…

The report comes from French site Macbidouille (via MacRumors):
The first of these resolutions indicates hexa “00001900 00000e10″ is therefore a resolution scaling of … 6400 x 3600 (probably 3200×1800 HiDPI).
Continues and is 5760×3240 (2880×1620 HiDPI) 4096×2304 (2048×1152 HiDPI), etc..
(There are other resolutions, just make the conversion from hex)

With this alone, it is not possible to guess the native resolution of the machine. This is a resolution that does not appear in the file, since it is native and does not have to be “scaled”.
Knowing that there is a gap between the values ​​of 5760 and 4096, one can imagine something between these two (probably 5120×2880, 2560×1440 or in HiDPI), but this is speculation.
Since 2012 we have been hearing many rumors and reports claiming that Apple is working on a retina iMac and that would be a great thing to see coming.

Keep in mind that the last time Apple updated the iMac was in the fall of last year, which included processor speed and storage bumps. The computer was completely redesigned in late 2012.

What do you think ? Can we see a new retina iMac this fall ?


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