More Photos Of iPhone 6 – These Give The Best Appearance

Apple is ramping up its plans to release the new iPhone 6 in the next few months, so more details surfacing about the device are inevitable. Now there are more leaked photos of the supposed device, and these ones give us the best look of the iPhone 6 so far.

While all previously leaked images have focused on the chassis, the new photos show an assembled device, though we can’t clearly see if any internals are lurking below the metal and glass. Nevertheless, the new photos give a good glimpse of what the iPhone 6 looks like in September.

The credit for the images goes to China Weibo’s user dreamerJimmy; who has a good track record with such leaks. He also released such leaks for iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s before Apple released their models. Keeping that in mind, these leaks might just be legit.
Now that the front of iPhone 6 appears, the iPhone 5s is placed beside it for comparison. iPhone 6 has a narrower bezel; the screen fills more of the face of the device. And for making the phone small for accommodating the larger display, Apple has also reduced the space between the iconic Home button the screen’s bottom.

Also interesting to note is the larger front camera opening, which may or may not indicate that Apple is going to implement a higher resolution part in this model. A better lens looks the only reason for making the hole larger.

The iPhone 6 will be announced in the next three months, so we’re expecting more of such material. We will keep you updated.


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