Leaked Images Show OS X 10.10 with Control Center, flatter UI and other iOS 7 features

In the past few days we've been hearing many news about WWDC 2014 and what will we see at this great media event from hot things. Today a reddit user has posted blurry photos, which he claims are of OS X 10.10.

For starters, as noted by MacRumors editor Eric Slivka, it would seem that OS X 10.10 has borrowed the iOS 7 Control Center in the form of the translucent pane which slides out from the left side of the screen, in a similar manner the Notification Center slides out from the right side of the screen.

The user is saying that he had taken these photographs at Apple's headquarter in Cupertino. 

Based on the author’s research and the images he’s been privately shown, Control Center in OS X 10.10 is said to collate features like About This Mac and System Preferences and offer handy shortcuts such as Airplane Mode and the Do Not Disturb feature, currently available by pulling down on the Notification Center.

Below those are buttons with drop down menu functionality for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth along with a screen brightness slider, followed by audio controls that include the ability to display album art.
The next section includes a volume slider, as well as AirDrop and AirPlay buttons. At the very bottom of the pane is a set of four buttons that appear to be for system sleep, log out, restart, and shutdown. 
A subtly different Safari browser seemingly includes the blank page design like on the iPad.
The toolbar buttons appear flatter than on Mavericks.
Again, the photos have been removed at the request of the poster, who claims to have taken them himself on March 24 at Apple headquarters in Cupertino.

Apple is widely expected to unveil iOS 8 and OS X 10.10 during the WWDC Keynote address. The banners put up at the Moscone West Center indicate that OS X 10.10 will be called OS X Yosemite.

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