iWatch to Feature Blood Glucose and sweat sensors

Almost everyday we keep hearing reports and rumors about Apple's iWatch that said to be coming this year. Today we've got a new report from Chinese website Laoyaoba, which claims that Apple has finalized the design and specifications of the watch, and is now awaiting FDA approval. The site also says that the device will include blood glucose and sweat sensors…

GforGames passes along the Laoyaoba report:
According to the latest reports coming from the Chinese media (citing “Apple insiders”), iWatch’s development has already been completed (meaning design, technical specs, features, etc). However, the gadget is being held back (aka is not being manufactured yet) because it needs to be certified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
Much like the previous rumors have suggested, this new reports suggests that the iWatch will include a wide range of biometric sensors on-board, including heart rate, blood pressure and blood glucose sensors.
The site says that Apple has also developed an in-house sensor for the iWatch capable of analyzing a person’s sweat. The watch will feed this and other data it collects into iOS 8′s Health app, which a user can then share with their doctor.
It would be amazing to see such feature in Apple's iWatch. What do you think ?


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