iOS 8 Will Utilise M7 Processor and Motion Sensors For Indoor Positioning

Apple is sprucing up its CoreLocation API features in iOS 8 in the verge to provide a faster indoor positioning experience in venues that are supported.

As of now, iOS uses GPS, crowd-source databases of Wi-Fi hotspots and the triangulation technique to determine your location. But cellular and GOPS signals are often unavailable in places such as parking lots.

iOS 8 will be able to use motion data, compass and gyroscope sensors, and available iBeacon transmitters to determine your location. And if you own a device with A7 processor such as iPhone 5s or Retina iPad mini, iOS 8 will utilise M7 motion coprocessor without burdening the main processor.

Apple’s video called ‘taking core location indoors’ reveals that indoor positioning needs venues to sign up to improve this experience:
iOS 8 makes it possible for an iOS app to determine its precise indoor position in supported venues. Learn best practices on how your app can take advantage of indoor positioning.
Discover how indoor positioning and iBeacon complement each other, and understand the best use cases for both technologies. As a venue, find out how you can get involved and signup to enable indoor positioning.
Venues signing up can place app shortcuts on the lock screen when users are nearby, without having to install the app.

Also, the slide deck says that iOS 8 can determine the location by using device’s sensors and RF parametric data provided by the venues, leaving GPS altogether. The technique will work on WiFi connected devices.

This may also hint that Apple could add indoor maps to its Maps service. The company also acquired WiFi Slam last year for improving positioning.

Asking your position with the ‘when in use’ prompt in iOS 8 will ask permission to use your location when an app is in use. Already, venues such as The California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco and Westfield San Francisco center have signed up.
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