iOS 8 To Provide Manual Control Over iPhone Camera - Report

Apple announced some impressive features for iOS 8 at WWDC when showcasing why it was a great companion to the upcoming OS X 10.0 Yosemite for Mac. However, one feature didn’t get a mention.

AnandTech is reporting that Apple has integrated a new API in iOS 8 that will grant developers greater control over the way iPhone and iPad cameras work when capturing videos and images. The APIs called ‘AVCaptureDevice’ will enable developers to create apps that will let users take control over things like exposure bias, ISO and EV bracketing, shutter speed, white balance, focus, and more.

While a few controls including exposure bias will be there in the Camera app by default when the iOS 8 arrives, third-party developers will have access to everything, making it possible to create in-app processing and improved filters. Such image controls are already available on HTC and Nokia, but with Apple at the forefront of camera quality in smartphones, good things ae expected.
Apple will be launching at least one iPhone (4.7-inch model probably) alongside iOS 8 this year, and though there is no news what technology will be there in the handset, we call it a safe bet when it comes to firmware leveraging new APIs to get developers to increase camera functionality at users end.

The iPhone is leading the Flicker leaderboard, and we expect it to continue that way after the launch of two new iPhone 6.


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