iOS 8 jailbreak in work by i0n1c

Apple released the first beta of iOS 8 for developers two days ago in it's annual developer's conference, WWDC 2014. Although it's still in beta, users are asking about jailbreak for iOS 8 on their devices, here's some good news for you! 

There's no jailbreak for the current iOS 7.1.1, and there'll be no for sure! Hackers won't burn an exploit to jailbreak another version of iOS 7. If there's a jailbreak soon, it'll be for iOS 8 for sure.

The well-known hacker Stefan Esser, known for i0n1c on Twitter, brought some good news for you guys:
Download finished. Initial tests show that iOS 8 beta does not fix anything. Dumped kernel fine, but code changed and patches are not found. 
I guess tomorrow I need a few hours in the office to fix the code and then the JB should be iOS 8 beta compatible. 
Only question is if Cydia runs at all in iOS 8.
As most of you know,  i0n1c shown off his jailbreak in a video where an iPhone 5c appears running iOS 7.1.1 and jailbroken.

From the tweets he posted, it looks really hoping. Waiting some news from Saurik, Cydia creator to confirm that Cydia is working on iOS 8.


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