iOS 8 Could Let Users Record iPhone Screen From Control Center

According to a new screenshot from an internal iOS 8 build, it looks like that Apple plans to let users record their iPhones screen without the involvement of a Mac. The following screenshot shows a new option in the settings that allows users to record iPhone screen from the control center and we could see in the upcoming betas of iOS 8.
The above screenshot has been shared by the developer Hamza Sood and he says that this feature which called "Record screen" is found in internal iOS 8 build.

This option would be very useful with the changes lined up for App Store that let developers add a demo video along with screenshots.

It appears that the feature isn’t ready for public consumption yet, and is only available in internal builds of iOS 8. We hope Apple opens it up to everyone in future iOS 8 beta releases.

What do you think ?

[via @Hamza]


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