iOS 8 Could Bring a Customizable Control Center Toggles In Future Update

A couple of days ago, the developer Hamza Sood discovered a "record screen" feature in iOS 8 build which allows you to record your iPhone's screen using Control Center. Today Hamza comes again with a new feature that said to bring a customizable control center toggles in future update.

Hamza said on Twitter that users will be able to customise what toggles appear in the Control Center, their arrangement and so on..
Just when, or even if this feature will be made public remains anybody’s guess, but if it does roll out, users will be able to tailor which shortcuts and toggles they see in the Control Center.

Alternatively, though, Apple may push this feature on the back-burner as its software department tries to deal with the heavy upcoming schedule, so don’t be surprised if it doesn’t make it out until after that initial iOS 8.0.

So what do you think ?

[Via Hamza Sood]


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