iOS 8 announced at WWDC 2014

iOS devices are nothing short of legion. According to Tim Cook, Apple has sold over 500 million iPhones, 200 million iPads, and 100 million iPod Touch units. Apple’s CEO also reminded everyone about how customers have switched from Android to iOS 7. 

Why you ask?

Tim Cook says it’s because iOS has 97 percent overall satisfaction rating amongst customers. For the sake of comparison, 89 percent of iOS users are already running iOS 7. And Android has got only a 9 percent adoption rate for its latest version that is Android KitKat.

It means that Android customers aren’t getting the latest features, and security remains a big concern for Android devices. That is why Cook says that the company couldn’t be happier with the momentum of iOS.

And iOS 8 is continuing that momentum.

A full round of features will be brought to you shortly.


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