iOS 8 All Features And Release Date

Just a few minutes ago, we informed you that Apple has released the iOS 8. Now we’re back to inform you about all its features, release date, and compatibility.

Features of iOS 8:

The design

iOS 8 builds on an iOS 7 flat design, and the real changes lie under the hood. You might not even guess that it is a new operating system when it runs on an iDevice.

Interactive notifications

Before iOS 8, the way of interacting with notifications was to tap on a notification itself, which launches the app. iOS 8 brings interactive notifications that let you reply to tweets, text messages, etc. without launching the whole app. They extend to the lockscreen, too.
Mutlitasking View consisting of frequent contacts

The multitasking view opens up by double tapping the home button. iOS 8 lets you go through contacts you get in touch with frequently in addition of allowing you to see which apps are running in the background.
New Mail Gestures

The mail app in iOS 8 has easy to use tweaks throughout the user interface. Now you can Flag, Trash, and see more details in an email through a simple swipe. It adds to the feature which was limited to deleting an email.


The spotlight search area does more than searching for messages, contacts, emails, etc. on your device. You can now search for songs, apps, news and more.

QuickType keyboard

This keyboard will now show suggestions for words you type above the keyboard in a small bar. It also supports predictive suggestions, and will guess words as you type.


The Messages app will allow you to add or remove contacts from a group conversion. You can also share your location with contacts, or enable a thread-wise Do Not Disturb thread. Tap to talk is the latest feature; it has a little mic right to the text box for recording message, and letting go of a button to send it to a recipient.

iCloud Drive

iCloud Drive enables you to work across apps and it is present in iOS 8 in several places.

Apple has finally laid the bombshell on the HealthKit (Healthbook app before the release). It is a hub for all health related alerts and notifications. It is interesting how it works; it allows third-parties to hook the new app and then show all the progress of the user.

If you have FuelBand from Nike, you can just launch the HealthKit and all your progress will be there waiting for you. It will also allow professionals to send user data pertaining to checkups.


Siri has also received an update. Now she listens to the voice and simple hot word hey Siri wakes her up. It also features Shazam song revognization, 22 new language dictation, and streaming voice recognition.


Maps on iOS were previously a disaster, but Apple is making efforts to improve it. Apple has announced Maps has been greatly improved in China.

Compatibility list

iPhone 5s, 5c, 5, 4s
iPad mini with Retina display, iPad Air, iPad 4, iPad 3
iPod Touch 5G

Release iOS 8 will be hitting devices in Fall 2014


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