iOS 8 AirPlay broadcasts to Apple TV without Wi-Fi

If you ever had an Apple TV, then you should heard about AirPlay which is a media streaming technology, requires a Mac or iOS device and should be on the same Wi-Fi network as an AirPlay receiver , which in most scenarios is the Apple TV. You can't access AirPlay even if you are on iPhone or Mac as long as both AirPlay and your iOS on the same WiFi network.
But in iOS 8, it looks like that Apple has implemented zero-configuration peer-to-peer networking between AirPlay devices. This lets you broadcast whatever content from an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to your Apple TV, even if these devices are not on the same local network…

As AppleInsider notes, the new peer-to-peer AirPlay mechanism is slated to launch for everyone when iOS 8 releases for public consumption this Fall.
With the new system, users will be able to discover and stream to a nearby Apple TV without being connected to a network at all.
A presenter could walk into a conference room, for instance, and broadcast to an Apple TV connected to the projector without going through a complex connection process.
It’s quite possible Apple’s solution is based on the same technology used in AirDrop and a new Yosemite feature called Handoff, which makes it dead simple to seamlessly transition between nearby devices to complete various tasks more easily.

From Apple’s description on the iOS 8 Enterprise webpage.
With iOS 8, you can wirelessly connect iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch to Apple TV without first connecting to the organization’s network.
Which means you can present or share your work even if you’re offline or the organization has a complex network.
Sounds good right ? 


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