How To Remove Credit Card Info From iCloud Keychain

If you have ever used iCloud Keychain, you probably know that it is a very helpful feature or storing and autocompleting private information, such as passwords, credit card numbers and contact info. You can store your credit card info, important photos, files and so on..But perhaps you no longer want to use the feature, or want to keep your private information as secure as possible. If so, read ahead for step-by-step instructions on how to remove credit card info from iCloud Keychain
Firstly we are going to show you how to remove Credit Card info on iOS 7.

How To Remove Credit Card Info on iOS 7: 

STEP 1: Go to Settings---> Safari.
STEP 2: Now tap on "Password & Autofill" 

STEP 3: Tap on Saved Credits.

STEP 4: After it, tap on "Edit" button.

STEP 5: Tap on the credit you wish to remove.

STEP 6: By tapping on "Delete" button you will delete the selected credit card.

How to remove credit card info on OS X:

STEP 1: Open Safari. 
STEP 2: Now click on "Preferences", under Safari menu bar.

STEP 3: Navigate to Autofill tab.

STEP 4: Now click on "Edit" button next to the credit card.
That's it ! You have done removing your credit card info from both iOS and Mac OS X. 

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