How To Record Your Mac Screen on OS X

Mac users keep searching for apps that record their Mac screen in the Mac App Store, but why tiring yourself while you can already record your screen on OS X without needing to download anything ? I discovered a simple feature built right into QuickTime for recording your screen on Mac. Forget using third-party software or other cumbersome tools for recording your screen.
How to record the screen on Mac: 

STEP 1: First thing launch QuickTime app. 
STEP 2: Now go to File--->New Screen recording (^⌘N).

STEP 3: Now you will see a red circular record button, click on it.
STEP 4: Click to record the full screen or drag to record a specific area.

STEP 5: Click-hold on QuickTime in the Dock and click Stop Screen Recording.
STEP 6: After stopping the screen recording, probably you want to save it, simply go to File-->Save as .MOV. 

That's it ! You have recorded your Mac screen on OS X. Probably most of you know this old tip, but we had to share on our website because we believe that many people still don't know this tip. 

What do you think ?

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