How To Delete Old iCloud Backups On iPhone

A couple of days ago we showed you how to remove your credit card info from iCloud Keychain and Mac. Today we are going to show you how to delete your old iCloud backups on your iPhone in order to free the storage for newer backups. Apple only provide free 5GB iCloud storage to backup your device's info/photos/contact/apps and more..

In the past few days, my iPhone has prompted me with an annoying message about how iCloud does not have enough space to continue backing up the device. So it looks like I will have to delete some old backups as long as I don't need them.

If you’re in the same shoes as me, there is actually a simple solution. Apple makes it easy to delete your iCloud backups right on your iPhone. You can even manage how your backups work so that you are only backing up essential data. Read ahead for step-by-step instructions on how to delete old iCloud backups on iPhone

STEP 1: Tap on "Settings" app from your iPhone's homescreen.

STEP 2: Now tap on "iCloud".
STEP 3: Scroll down until reaching "Storage & Backup".

STEP 4: Tap on "Manage Storage".
STEP 5: Tap on your device from the "Backups" list. 

STEP 6: Scroll down and tap on "Delete Backup".
STEP 7: Tap on "Turn off  & Delete".

STEP 8: If you wish, toggle iCloud Backup back on afterwards.

If you find yourself constantly running out of space, I recommend toggling off Camera Roll as part of your iCloud backup. You are better off backing up your photos through iTunes or to an external hard drive, that way you do not run out of iCloud storage so quick. For example, my last iPhone backup was 3.5 GB, but over 3 GB of that consisted of photos.

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