Here's The 6 of the Best iPhone Photos Taken In 2014

Apple designed iPhone to be smarter and helpful for many users especially for photographers.. Apple has long touted the iPhone as the most popular camera in the world. As a testament to how much the iPhone has improved over that time, look no further than the eighth annual iPhone Photography Awards. The photos are absolutely breathtaking.

Julio Lucas of Florida was selected as the iPhone Photographer of the Year for this picture of a man walking through a scenic mountain terrain:
Michael O’Neal from California won first place in the animals category for this picture of what looks like a young fox with his feet planted firmly in the snow. He’s giving almost the perfect stare into the camera:

First place in the architecture category went to Yilang Peng of Wisconsin. What a beautiful shot:
Everyone takes pictures of flowers with their iPhone, but not too many photos come out looking as great as this one by Jenny Anderson:
Last, but certainly not least, is this first place winning photo in the Food category by Alexa Seidl. Everyone’s favorite thing to take a picture of on Instagram:
And this picture is from mine and it doesn't belong to the above photos: 

LAVA rocks: 

So what do you think ?


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