Have You Jailbroken Your iPhone Running on 7.1/7.1.1 Using Pangu Jailbreak [POLL]

The Pangu untethered jailbreak came onto the scene recently as a surprise. No body previously knew about the Chinese development team, and it was somewhat a shock to see it being released.

The early worries regarding viruses and malware were also put to rest by MuscleNerd, iH8sn0w, and others, so many iOS users used the tool to jailbreak their devices.

Although no malicious code has been found in the Pangu jailbreak bundle, there was an issue of PPSync – it’s a problematic coded app that was causing havoc with everyday apps, as well as crashing of Mail, Safari, etc. It was also forcing devices to reboot, but Karen Tsai provided a quick fix to it and the problem got solved.

A few hours ago Chinese hackers released Pangu untethered tool for Mac OS X users with English support.

Also, those who want to jailbreak and want to break free from iOS 7.0.x for Evasi0n should update their software and get Pangu. We’re bracing for iOS 7.1.2 update in the future, so its better to act soon.

Lastly, you should know that iOS 7.1.1 is the most secured iOS version, offering bug fixes and performance enhances over releases. So if you’re jailbreaking and updating wit Pangu, don’t have any worries because it’s complete safe.

Please we would like to take a minute from your time and vote in the following poll, it is very important for us to know your opinion about the new iOS 7.1/7.1.1 untethered jailbreak released by the Chinese hackers.


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