Future Update of iOS 8 Will Help You To Find Your Parked Car [Screenshot]

Developers still digging inside iOS 8 beta build to find any new features that Apple maybe working on. A couple of days ago we've seen a new source builds in the iOS 8 that says Apple is working on a customisable Control Center toggles and right now a new hidden iOS 8 assets confirm Apple working on Maps feature to find your parked car.

Back in September we heard many reports that say Apple is working on a new feature that allows users find their parked cars for its in-house Maps app. While that feature wasn’t officially debuted during WWDC last week, new icons found inside the Maps application indicate that the feature was in development at some point and is likely still be worked on.

The folks at 9to5mac are saying:
Sources say that Apple is testing a tool for its Maps app that, with the M7 chip, could analyze when your car is parked. When you park your car, the iPhone will register the car’s location. Now when you return to the parking lot, your iPhone will be able to help you assist with finding your car since it knows the vehicle’s location.

As pointed out by firmware forensic Hamza Sood (source: 9to5Mac), the inaugural iOS 8 beta reveals “parking pin” features, which could integrate with Apple Maps and allow a user to take note of the precise location they left their car. From there, the cumbersome rigmarole of locating a car after a day of hard shopping, coffee-drinking or movie-watching wouldn’t be marred by the predictable ten-minute car hunt, and instead, the your iPhone would do the remembering for you.

Whether it will be ready in time for iOS 8 or arrive in a further update is, like many hidden treasures within the iOS 8 beta code, currently unknown, but given how the forthcoming firmware is already touting itself as an all-round problem-solver of common issues, this would certainly be a welcome feature to the fold.

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