Find My iPhone In iOS 8 Now Introduces New "Send Last Location" Feature

A part from Apple's security system is a popular iOS app developed by Apple called "Find My iPhone". This app is considered as the best way to locate your lost iPhone or misplaced device from anywhere-that is, unless a thief was smart enough to find a way to disable it right after you’ve been mugged and your device has been taken from you.
But what if the device's battery is out ? or the thief turned it off ? Well in this case Apple will send you the last known location in the past 24 hours so you can go and search from there. But once it is turned on, you will be able to track the device. 

Realizing this is inconveniencing some users, Apple in iOS 8 is adding a new feature to the Find My iPhone service, called Send Last Location (via MacRumros).

And as the name of the feature suggest, this will tell Apple to retain the device’s last known location indefinitely rather than delete it after 24 hours have passed.

Automatically send the last known location of this iPhone to Apple when the battery drains to a critical level, writes Apple.

You can enable "Send Last Location" feature from your device by going to Settings---> iCloud and then choose "find my iPhone" where you will find the feature switch available "as shown above".

It wasn’t immediately clear whether this feature will permit folks to simply locate a misplaced iOS device using the iCloud web interface and/or Find My iPhone app or if a person will need to contact Apple in order to reveal their last recorded location.

But anyway, how do you like this new feature ? In my opinion I feel like Apple isn't doing enough here.


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