Apple Giving WWDC Attendees $25 App Store Gift Cards

Today is a big day and everyone is getting ready for watching Apple's worldwide developers center which is going to take place at the Moscone Center. Apple's WWDC is a hodgepodge of long lines, major announcements, and free stuff. Those who are lucky enough to attend the event are usually greeted with a bag of promotional goodies.
This year Apple will give attendees $25 App Store gift cards, that's of course beside their usual WWDC badges and jackets. It’s in celebration of the Conference’s 25th year anniversary, and the card reads “25 years and coding.”

Here’s a photo of the card via WWDC 2014 scholarship winner Harrison Weinerman:
Remember, Apple's WWDC will kick off today at 10AM PST which it will be live streaming on your iOS device.


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