WallCycler Brings A Fresh Wallpaper Upon Unlocking Your iPhone

Ryan Petrich’s beta repo has received a new jailbreak tweak called WallCycler. It allows you to cycle the wallpaper when you unlock your phone, or use an Activator gesture to cycle it manually.

When you install this tweak, you can activate it by going to Settings > Wallpaper & Brightness > Choose Wallpaper and then choosing an album. This action will bring up a box with text asking you if you want to cycle the photos in the particular album.

WallCycler will cycle through the photos from the album after the device is locked and unlocked. But if you want to have manual control, you can assign an Activator gesture to the cycling wallpaper action; this will change the background on your command.
WallCycler is a pretty cool concept and would work well for one of the default repos in Cydia. It’s quite easy to get started with and works quite well as the developer describes it to. You can grab it from the following repo: http://rpetri.ch/repo/

If you do give it a try, let us know in the comments section how it works out for you.


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