This Report Says iPhone 6 Likely to feature NFC for future mobile payment service

WWDC 2014 is at the doors and everyone is getting ready for Apple's next generation iPhone.. Today we've got a new report which says that iPhone 6 will feature NFC technology ( or near field communications). Citing sources ‘close to the matter,’ New York news outlet Brightwire says Apple is planning to utilize the wireless tech in a future mobile payment system.
Brightwire’s Frank Hill claiming that Tim Cook and the company  have already inked a deal with China UnionPay service. And under that deal, users will be able to make mobile payments on over 3 million China UnionPay ‘QuickPass’ POS machines in the country using Passbook on their iPhones…

Here’s more from Brightwire’s Frank Hill:
Apple is likely to incorporate a Near Field Communication(NFC) payment function in the next generation iPhone and has reached an agreement with China UnionPay on a mobile payment service, according to a source close to the matter.
Under the deal with China UnionPay, users would be able to download the bank card organization’s app to Passbook in their iPhones and make mobile payments on over 3 million China UnionPay’s “QuickPass” POS machines in China, the source said.
Apple has in the past avoided using NFC technology in its devices, with SVP Phil Schiller saying back in 2012 that ‘it’s not clear that NFC is the solution to any current problem.’ It does, however, hold a number of patents on near field communication, including one involving retail transactions.

NFC and mobile payments haven’t been talked about very much on the iPhone 6 rumor mill, but it’s nothing new. Apple has, for a long time, been very interested in the space, with Tim Cook even admitting earlier this year that mobile payments was ‘one of the thoughts’ behind its Touch ID feature.

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