This German carrier leaks likely iPhone 6 release date: September 19

Everyone is waiting for Apple's iPhone 6 and probably we are going to hear some good news about it at Apple's WWDC 2014. Today a German carrier called Deutsche Telekom has apparently instructed its call center representatives to nudge wavering customers toward staying with them.
Support staff was reportedly told to drop hints that customers’ loyalty could be well rewarded as the company gets to carry the eagerly awaited iPhone 6 in mid-September – more specifically, on September 19.

Keep in mind that Deutsche Telekom is one of the largest and most popular carriers in the world and they own T-Mobile. That being said, we’re filing this away into our mental drawer under the ‘Very Likely’ category…

German-language [Google translate] adds that the carrier is even considering to permit those customers whose contract has or is about to expire to register their interest for the upcoming handset, beginning July.

As usual we will keep you updated with anything new from Apple company, stay tuned.


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