The Healthbook App Demo On Your iPhone Live

The iOS 8 is expected to be unveiled by Apple in a week at the WWDC keynote. A number of apps and features are to be announced, with Healthbook being one of them.

The health-focused application will provide vital information such as hydration, heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure, blood sugar, weight etc. to users.

Now all the speculation has lead Jayaprasad Mohanan to make a live demo of the application that you could use on your iPhone or directly from your Mac or Windows PC. Please click on this link

The concept is based on all the last few months’ speculation, including the leaked screenshots that Mark Gurman posted in March. See it for yourself

The video above shows the rundown of the Healthbook demo, showcasing how the app will give out nutritional and health information, emergency cards with contact information, and notification for emergency alerts.

The app will include numerical stats, charts, and visuals to display information such as physical activity, sleeping habits, and more of such parameters.

The Healthbook might be paired with iWatch, which is expected to be announced next week at WWDC. But some reports say it could be delayed till iOS 8.1 is out. We’ll see for sure in the next week.

2nd June is the date for WWDC, with a keynote at 10:00 AM Pacific. The 5-day conference will be hosted by 1000s of Apple engineers, and over 5,000 Apple developers could be in attendance.

We will keep you updated with the event.

Does the Healthbook app sounds intriguing to you?


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