SmartTap: Wake Up Your iPhone With A Double-Tap On Its Screen

SmartTap is a new jailbreak tweak released by Elias Limneos. It lets you use a double-tap gesture on the screen of your iPhone to wake it up, and put it to bed. Swiping up and down gestures can also be used to unlock the device and open applications.

The jailbreak app serves as a homage to the KnockOn tweak that’s popular on LG G2 Android device, where double tapping on the screen wakes the device up. SmartTap also lets you awake your device with a ‘knock’ gesture, but takes it up even further.

Install SmartTap and go to the Settings menu. There will be two different sections here – one when the screen is off, one when the screen is on.

In the first case – you can use swipe=up gesture, a swipe-down gesture and a double-tap gesture. These can be used to switch on the screen, open applications or unlock the device. Remember to turn off the passcode.

In the second case – you can a double tap gesture to lock the device at lock screen or Home screen. At the home screen, you can double tap any area that does not include folders and app icons.

There is also a ‘smart touch detection’ feature to ensure the device doesn’t detect false touches when placed in pocket. The tweak works by preventing the phone from entering sleep mode so the digitizer hardware works to respond to touch gestures.

This tweak is very useful for those who have a broken home button or power buttons... Give it a try and let us what do you feel towards...SmartTap is available for $1.99 from Cydia store via BigBoss repo.


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