Slices: Switch Between Snapchat, Instagram Profiles & A Lot More

Slices is a brand new tweak in Cydia’s BigBoss repository and its quickly receiving acclaim for all over. It brings quick profile switching and dual login ability for many apps you use on your phone.

It’s pretty handy for Snapchat and Instagram, as both platforms don’t allow multiple users on the same device. But there’s more to it; Slices enables multiple settings bundles, which means you can have multiple instances of the same up. Think of it as multiple versions of your favorite app.

After you download and install Slices, go to the Settings menu, where you fill find a kill-switch, and another section for establishing slices for each application.
Each application can be configured for multiple slices, which can be made from the applications section. You have to tap the ‘create slice’ button and give the slice a name. After that, tap the ‘ask on touch’ button and head over to the home screen.

Now open Slicers and see a sheet with your slices list. You can also create a new slice directly from this sheet. Select your preferred slice, and login to your account if required. Close the app, select your next slice, and configure it to your preference, which can be logging in with a separate account.

Also, you can go back to Settings and turn off ‘ask on touch’ toggle if you don’t need to switch between slices. But enable your default slice before exiting preferences. Slices tweak is pretty big in our opinion.

It’s one of the most unique releases in Cydia. You can get it for $1.99 from the BigBoss repo.


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