See The iPhone 5s Crushed By 40,000 Pounds Force in Slow Motion

A new company called ‘OnePlus’ has recently launched its new phone ‘One’ – it works on Android. To promote the new handset, OnePlus has started a new campaign called ‘Smash’, where they select 100 users to smash their current phone and get a new OnePlus One for only $1.

So as a part of the campaign, they’ve added a new YouTube video which shows the iPhone 5s being smashed into tiny pieces by a 40,000 pounds force, and that too in slow motion. We are accustomed to see this handset drop, being run over etc. but a video showing the destruction of the handset in slow motion is an entirely different story.

Not sure why the iPhone 5s was smashed, but OnePlus made a statement. The OnePlus One is a $300 device with high-ends specifications including a 3GB RAM, 2.5 GHz processor, 1080p display and more. Let us know what you think of OnePlus Smash campaign by leaving comments below.


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