New Concept Video For iOS 8: Control Center, Widgets, Siri and More

Whatever the eventual outcome of new Apple products slated to release later this year, the iOS 8 will prove to be integral. It has been known so far that it will feature iTunes Radio app, Healthbook and several other features including improvements to existing services like Health Maps.

Control Center was one of the few major features added to the iOS 7; for a long time iOS users were asking for a quick-access pane for toggles, and it was great to see Apple offering something by itself rather than having us rely on the jailbreak community for offerings like SBSettings.

Though the Control Center has done well, there’s always room for improvement, at least concept maker Ryan Gilsdorf thinks so. He has created a neat version of how the Control Center should be in the future iOS version.

The full-screen version enables to the user to instead of simply toggling Bluetooth or WiFi to on and off to jump to these things and make adjustments. This would be ideal for those who are moving around and connected with new devices frequently. It would be great to see Apple add some functionality like this.

The widgets mean that a user would access things like weather, calendar and music, reducing the need to switch between apps. This idea is also intriguing, though this idea if a reality would only be catering to native apps.

Check out the following concept video for iOS 8: 

Other improvements suggested by the concept include preferences panel for icons as well as a Siri redesign. Feel free to check out the video and leave your comments.



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