Legion Meter Charges Your iPhone/iPad 92% Faster (Video)

We’re living in a world where we have to constantly charge our smartphones and tablets. There is always something we have to charge these days, and the problem is that it takes time.

Even with technological advances and modern batteries, these devices take at least a few hours to charge.

But a new Kickstarter project is aiming to reduce the time smartphone and tablets take for charging, and it just might be on to something.

The product in development is called the Legion Meter. It costs $49 for anyone looking to get in on the ground floor; the devices will plug in-between the charging cable and the USB output just as a dongle and then the product will work its magic.

There are several electrical things going on, and though most of them might not be understandable, there’s one thing evident – Legion Meter will charge your devices faster, potentially twice as fast.

Check out this video:

And for those devices that don’t get enough charge from a computer USB port, Legion Meter will charge them as if they are plugged into a socket. That means iPads could be charged anywhere where there is a USB outlet.

For those interested in readings, the Legion Meter features an on-device display that provides an insight of its power output and what else is going on.

You can read more about the Legion Meter on its KickStarter page.


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