iPhone 6 Model Compared To All iPhones Released So Far

We’ve already heard so much about iPhone 6, and courtesy of so many mockups and leaks, we also had an idea of what the form factor would like. Regardless of the iPod touch-like form factor suggesting the final product or otherwise, if the sightings do represent the upcoming flagship, we’re departing from all previous iPhones in terms of both size and style.

To emphasize, one well known whistle blower has placed the dummy unit of iPhone 6 alongside every previous iPhone in a series of high-quality images, showcasing an interesting comparison.

Sonny Dickson, who has been impressive with Apple leaks in the past, showcased the dummy 4.7 inch iPhone 6 a few weeks ago; now he has put together of a series of photos comparing the new form factor with iPhones that came before.

As visible, the form factor is noticeable for its sheer size, and because we appreciate the 5.5 display size on the second, it’s no wonder that this is going the most significant launch since the original iPhone.

In the Steve Jobs area, it was unfathomable that the iPhone would extend beyond the 3.5-inch display size that is on the iPhone 4s, but having tested a 4-inch screen in the iPhone 5, Apple is going for the kill.

Apart from the noticeable changes in the form of bigger displays and form factor, iPhone 5 will include a repositioned power/ sleep button, helping average hands use the biggest smartphone without stress. A faster process and an improved camera is also there. Expect an announcement by September.

What do you think of these images?


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