iPhone 6 5.7-inch Display Rendering Sports Multiple Colors and Ultra-Thin Profile

Apple’s iPhone 5c and 5s have managed to do well since their release in Q3, 2013. While both are powerful devices, they only account for a few revolutionary improvements over iPhone 5. But the iPhone 6 has a chance to change some things.

As usual, the interest in iPhone 6 leaks and renders is increasing by day, with many designers putting up concepts of what could be released around September.

A new concept for iPhone 6 comes from the designer Mindspi Vision. He imagines a device containing design trends and several features that considered to actually taking place in the final device. The designers have also spruced up the concept with their imagination. Though Apple would not release something of this nature exactly, there’s no harm in imagination when it comes to concepts. After all, that’s what makes them intriguing.

The concept shows an iPhone 6 sporting a 5.7-inch Retina display. The handset is quite thin and includes an illuminated bezel and the same applying to Apple’s logo. The body would include 3D stereo camera at the rare and would be manufactured from lightweight aluminum.

It has to be seen if Apple intends to go with several colors as they did with iPhone 5s. The designer obviously thinks it should happen, as suggestive by their own concept in pink, blue, white, orange, green and red.

Thoughts on this concept?


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